GAMEKEY SALE on the 1st of JUNE

buy the game key to Haven's Compass as an NFT

Basic Edition
10,000 NFTs

The Basic Edition is packed with exciting features, including a desert skin for the KL9, a Blue Metal skin for the LRR6, and a Stealth Skin for Yasmin. It grants entry-level 1 access to the developers DAO, closed beta access, and the chance to participate in one annual tournament.

Deluxe Edition
7,500 NFTs

The Deluxe Edition takes the Basic Edition to the next level, including all its features. It also adds a Camo White skin for the S90UB, a white ceramic skin for the SG2, and a Rainforest Tactical skin for Joao. With entry level 2 access to the developers DAO, closed beta access, and three tournaments per year.

Collector's Edition
5,000 NFTs

The Collector's Edition is the epitome of the game's offerings, combining features from the Basic and Deluxe Editions. It introduces exclusive Gold skins for the A4R, NARAZ, and the Knife, along with a stylish Night Out skin for the Vagabond character. With entry level 3 access to the developers DAO, closed beta access, and five tournaments per year.

Once the Open Beta is launched, the sale of these skins will be discontinued, but owners will retain their GameKey while gaining the option to list the skins on the Marketplace for resale.

The Developers DAO is a private group exclusively for GameKey holders, providing them with the ability to vote on game elements like mechanics, names, and skins. As active participants in the game's development, DAO members receive monthly updates from developers and have the opportunity to provide feedback and contribute to the game's progress. Higher levels within the DAO grant stronger voting power, enabling members to have a greater influence on decision-making.

Haven's Compass is a First Person tactical shooter game developed by Ghost Ivy.

It focuses on a fast-paced type of shooter where your reaction matters but also being tactical is an important part of the game.
Multiplayer and Single player will be in the final version of the game and each character has their own story to focus on!

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